Blood Splat Bath Mat

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Blood Splat Bath Mat😱🩸



  • Color Changing Technology: Starts off as a plain white mat but watch in awe as it transforms with spots of red upon contact with water! 💦🔴
  • Responsive Design: The mat turns red in the exact spots where water is splashed, ensuring every splat is unique to your step! 👣🔍
  • Safe and Non-Toxic: Made with your safety in mind, the color change is completely harmless and just for fun! 🌱👍
  • Durable and Slip-Resistant: Designed to last, it not only brings excitement to your bath time but also ensures you step out with confidence. 🛁🚫🤸‍♂️
  • Easy to Clean: Just as easy to maintain as it is to use, ensuring the thrill isn’t short-lived! 🧽🌟


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