Car Glow Ride lights

Bundle: GlowRide™ (140cm / 55in)
Sale price$39.99



enthusiasts who once faced the hassle of expensive installations and mediocre LED lights can now rejoice with Car glow ride light . Our premium LED lights are designed for easy DIY installation, saving you time and money.

Experience our exceptional customer service that guides you through the setup process. you can personalize your ride with vibrant colors that match your vibe. It's not just about illumination; it's about enhancing your journey every time you hit the road.


Universal Compatibility Guaranteed!

Car Glow Ride Lights are engineered to be compatible with every vehicle on the road. Each kit comes equipped with a USB to cigarette lighter adapter and a USB type C adapter, ensuring seamless power connectivity in any car configuration.

Even if your vehicle lacks convenient mounting spots for our lights, our robust double-sided adhesive tape will securely attach them wherever you desire. Opt for our comprehensive full pack bundle, and benefit from a USB hub featuring 3 ports for powering multiple devices. Effortlessly elevate your driving experience, regardless of your car's make, year, or model!


Enhance Your Ride, Elevate Your Experience

Transform your driving ambiance with a simple touch. The Car LED Light kit includes both a user-friendly app and a convenient remote control, allowing you to effortlessly customize your lights' brightness, select from a palette of 16 million colors and dynamic animations. Sync the lights to pulse in rhythm with your music playlist. Whether you're exploring the city at night, enjoying a romantic evening out, or embarking on a road adventure, these lights will redefine every journey you take.



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