Glitter Spray

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Sparkle And Shine

The Glitter Spray is your ideal choice for adding glamour and limitless enjoyment! Whether you're off to a celebration or a festival, or simply want to infuse some shimmer into your daily appearance, this spray is your ultimate answer. Prepare to captivate attention and showcase your distinct flair with ease.

Long-Lasting Glam, Zero Commitment  

The Glitter Spray offers a captivating sparkle that endures yet easily washes away when you're done. Just rinse it from your clothes, skin, or hair, and you're set for your next fashion escapade. This ephemeral glitter spray allows you to try out new looks without being tied down.

Party-Ready in Seconds

Elevate your attire, make your hair shimmer, and let your body glow with Glitter Spray. The perfect enhancement for parties, concerts, or any event where you want to sparkle. Embrace your artistic flair and shine with assurance.

How do I use it?

  • Shake It: Give it a good shake.
  • Spray It: Spray from 20-30cm away on hair, body, or clothing.
  • Wait: Wait 60 seconds for the magic to set.
  • Go: You're all set with a lasting, shiny finish. Perfect for on-the-go glam! 🌟

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