Privacy Window Film

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Color: Silver
Size: 15.7 Inch x 6.5 feet
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UV Impeding and GLARE CONTROL:


This one way window film gives wonderful security during daytime, the mirror impression of security control window film permits others to not see any insides from an external perspective, successfully safeguarding your confidential space. Be that as it may, when inside light is more grounded than outside, loss of light contrast, for example, the lights turning on, the mirror impact will vanish and will be seen from an external perspective. So around evening time with this mirror color, closing the curtains is essential.
STATIC Stick and Simple TO Introduce: The intelligent window film is planned with non stick, this static grip window film evades the arrival of compound substances, extremely simple to utilize shower A Great deal of cleanser water on both the glue side and the window. It can likewise be eliminated effectively with practically no follows left on the glass.


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