Ray Gun Torch

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Torch The Force

Hustle over to get your Spaceout Lightyear Ray Gun Torches! These pointers are inspired by the classic toy everyone loved as a kid.  The Ray Gun Torch is made to mimic the iconic ray gun we all know and miss dearly.

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The Ray Gun Torch Lighter Is A Blast To The Past

Remember the good ole days with your friends with this unique addition. They’ll envy you when they realize you have the coolest torch on the internet! Relive the excitement from getting one of these in a mystery box, except your unboxing it in real life! Instead of blasting zombies, blast your banger to the desired temperature.

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What Makes it Stand Out?

✔️WINDPROOF FLAME - So you can use outdoors!
✔️ADJUSTABLE FLAME - This allows you to control the intensity!
✔️SAFETY LOCK/ IGNITION HOLD - Keep those around you safe!
✔️BUTANE REFILL - Refill the ZombieTorch™ in seconds!
✔️FOLDABLE LIGHTER STAND - Stand it up anywhere you'd like!

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