Re-Usable Lint Roller

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Swiftly and easily eliminates pet hair

Imagine all the hair, crumbs, lint, dirt, and dust ALL disappear. It’s not magic, but it feels that way.
Easily cleaning the floating lint to remove the hair on the car seats and from clothing, furniture, and other surfaces with just a few passes.

  Reusable Sticky Roller stays sticky

Created from the perfect mixture of rubber and Silicone, ensuring The Reusable Sticky Roller stays sticky WITHOUT leaving residue behind. 
Wash it with hot water and soap, air dry, or for faster drying, roll over a dry towel, and you are ready to use again!

Say goodbye to ground-in pet hair

 Cat litter, bird seed, and dirt. It all comes out easily as you rake the along any surface.
The Reusable Sticky Roller is excellent on clothes, furniture, in your car, and even on your pet.
It is also excellent for any dry mess pet hair, human hair, sand, kitty litter, birdseed, dirt, dust, soil, etc.

Easy to clean and you can use it on any surface

It works on all surfaces, hardwood, tile, carpet, linoleum, upholstery, silk, satin, suede, and even your pets.
It will keep sticking for years. Simply wash the roller with dish soap and hot water to keep the roller sticky.

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