Retro Flip Clock

Style: Rectangular base Black frame
Sale price$75.00


🕰️ Introducing the Retro Flip Paper Clock Collection! 📜✨

Step back in time with these seven unique clock models that blend retro charm with a touch of steampunk style. Crafted entirely from solid metal, these clocks boast precision electronics and ingenious design.
Each clock features flip-down number swatches made from durable acrylic and can be easily adjusted using the turn dial on the right side. Powered by a single D battery (not included), these clocks can keep ticking for months on end, making them the perfect gift for geeky nerds.
With convenient alarm settings, these clocks can wake you up in the morning or remind you of important dates and appointments. Embrace the vintage vibes with the PAPERIE Retro Paper Clock Collection!
⏰ Specifications:
- Time Mode: 12 Hour AM/PM
- Accuracy: ±90 Seconds/Month
- Battery: 1 x D Battery (not included)
- Material: Stainless Steel/Walnut + PVC + ABS
- Size: 21x9.8x16.5cm / 8.3x3.8x6.5in
- Weight: 360.8g / 12.7oz
Add a touch of retro flip elegance to your modern space with these timeless timepieces! 🕰️🎁

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