T-Rex Gel Blaster

Blaster Pack: 1 Blaster
Sale price$49.95


Unleash the prehistoric power with the T-Rex Blaster!

Get ready for a thrilling prehistoric battle with the T-Rex Toy Gel Blaster! This cutting-edge toy blaster combines a T-Rex's ferocity with gel blaster technology's excitement.


  • Electric Continuous Mode: The T-Rex Gel Blaster operates in an electric continuous mode, ensuring a steady stream of water with every shot.
  • Strong Water Column: This blaster delivers a strong water column, allowing you to shoot water with precision and accuracy.
  • Large Capacity Water Storage: With a spacious water storage capacity, the T-Rex Gel Blaster allows you to engage in extended play sessions without the need for constant refills.
  • Built-in Waterproof Battery Compartment: The T-Rex Gel Blaster features a built-in waterproof battery compartment, ensuring optimal performance even in wet conditions.
  • Constant Pressure: Experience consistent and reliable water pressure throughout your battles.

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