Thinking Man Pooper Toothpaste Topper

Pack: 1 Pack
Sale price$9.00


A great way to get kids interested in brushing

A hilariously adorable pooping-shaped toothpaste cap that'll actually have your kiddo begging to brush their teeth. This topper is comedy in action! Just make sure you wipe off the bum of all the excess Toothpaste to avoid grossing yourself out!

This is the Way... to fewer Cavities!

Just screw this on and squeeze to make the toothpaste come out of his butt! Take your brushing to the next kennel with this hilarious Toothpaste Cap! 

Attach this to your toothpaste and the rest is magic!

Wake up in the morning and see the cute pooping topper, giving you a good mood for the day. Innovative design, unique appearance, to meet your daily needs, but also a gift for fans.

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